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Topic-icon Molecular sieve of PSA Nitrogen Generators

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Chinanitrogengenerator takes pride in providing quality equipments for Nitrogen Gas Machine , Gas Drying and Gas Purification systems. These equipments can be skid mounted and may be operated through PLC. We have numerous satisfied customers across the globe spreading over vide range of industry.

Nitrogen is generated from atmospheric air "on-site" by installing a PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) generator. Various models suitable for producing commercial nitrogen and ultra pure nitrogen are available. Gas is used in various industries for creating inert atmosphere. Gas produced by the plant is very economical as compared to cylinder / liquid nitrogen.

Incorrect designed PSA generators from other manufacturers and/or the use of low-quality molecular sieves with insufficient strength do indeed need a regular renewal of their molecular sieve. Fortunately, the PSA generators from Chinanitrogengenerator don't require such major and very inconvenient overhauls.

As long as the feed air is of sufficient quality, the PSA generators from Chinanitrogengenerator do not need any renewal of the molecular sieve during their entire lifetime. Chinanitrogengenerator verifies every new design with extensive CFD calculations and running tests before market introduction to assure low gas speeds through the molecular sieve beds and maximum durability. Chinanitrogengenerator applies exclusively first-class quality molecular sieves for all its

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